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Anthony is a Senior Business Analyst with over 6 years experience across multiple industries with an eye for detail in every area of analysis. In addition to that, having worked with various organisations and on projects focused on developing both customer facing and internal staff knowledge repositories, Anthony brings a broad range of skills to implement new and enhance existing knowledge solutions.

Anthony’s particular focus areas are:

  • current state analysis and documentation
  • documentation of system and process requirements
  • business performance reporting design and development
  • project management to deploy functionality enhancements and aggregate existing and write new content for the knowledge platform
  • process development for continuous improvement for both the quality and quantity of information held in the knowledge base, ensuring focused effort on the highest value activities
  • business modelling to build benefit calculation and forecasting models to calculate volume changes and consequential financial savings from changes in the channel usage

Prior to specialising in business analysis and knowledge management, Anthony was a learning instructional designer and facilitator of contact centre training, focusing on technical as well as soft skills training.

Recent Project Experience

Knowledge management

Anthony was responsible for the current state assessment of the existing knowledge management solution, provided a set of recommendations and worked alongside internal and external solution teams to implement recommended changes. Throughout the build process Anthony was involved in testing and once changes were in place, Anthony was responsible for coordinating content work, creating the necessary reporting and setting up continuous improvement processes.

Dunedin City Council
Contact centre statistical analysis

Leveraging multiple reporting repositories Anthony was responsible for providing statistical insights as part of a process improvement initiative.

Auckland Transport
Contact centre knowledge management

Anthony coordinated multiple content writers as part of an internal knowledge improvement inititative and was responsible for maintaining and developing new taxonomy.

Process mapping

As part of a process improvement initiative, Anthony conducted interviews and workshops and utilised various reporting respositories to create a detailed process map.

Accordo Group
Financial performance analysis

To identify performance opportunities and inform the wider business strategy Anthony completed a performance analysis, outputs of which included: prioritisation opportunities, efficiency insights and suggested areas of focus.

SKY Television
Contact centre performance framework

A new performance framework was necessary to support various process changes. Anthony completed a current state assessment followed by a set of recommendations, worked with different parts of the organisation to aggregate all necessary data streams and built a set of user-friendly dashboards.

Genesis Energy
Contact centre knowledge management

Anthony was responsible for completing a current state knowledge assessment, creating a set of business requirements and testing scripts, and working alongside all involved parts of the business and the development team to ensure the solution was effective and met the business requirements. Throughout the build process Anthony was involved in testing and once the solution was in place, Anthony was responsible for coordinating content work, creating the necessary reporting and setting up continuous improvement processes.

Back office process analysis

Various back office processes required a thorough review and analysis to ensure efficiency and to inform prioritisation decisions. Anthony worked with different parts of the organisation to source and analyse the necessary information. Once the data was compiled, Anthony worked with the wider Connections team to produce a findings pack based on the completed analysis.

New Zealand Post
Contact centre and Customer-facing knowledge management

Anthony was responsible for completing a current state knowledge assessment, compiling a set of recommendations to step change performance. Anthony has worked with the internal IT teams to deliver and test the proposed platform enhancements. He has also designed, documented and implemented continuous improvement processes and the necessary reporting. Anthony has project managed the internal and customer-facing implementation to aggregate, integrate and rewrite content to make information easy to use and relevant for customer and internal users.

A self-service benefits model has been put in place to ensure customer-interactions avoided by the knowledge base are included as part of resource planning.

Contact centre knowledge management

Anthony was responsible for completing a current state knowledge assessment and worked alongside the internal Business Analyst to create a set of requirements. Anthony’s involvement in the implementation ensured alignment between the business requirements and system capability.

Anthony created and documented a set of continuous improvement processes including all the necessary reporting.

Air New Zealand
Internal knowledge management

Anthony was involved in putting together a current state knowledge assessment and future state recommendations for several business units within the Operations Division. Anthony was responsible for creating the knowledgebase system requirements for each organisational area and worked alongside the internal and external IT teams to deliver and test the short-term solution.
Anthony project managed the content build for the first business unit to use the new knowledge solution, coordinating internal SMEs and contract content writers to aggregate existing content and add new content
Anthony also documented and trained processes relating to continuous improvement and content maintenance.

SKY Television
Benefits and Forecasting

A self-service benefits and forecasting module was put in place which allowed to calculate and forecast ROI driven by self-service performance. This involved dealing with multiple parts of the business to understand the current state of customer interaction, build the benefits and forecasting module to match the current state, obtain the necessary reporting data and produce a number of reports required by the organisation.

Incentives scheme

To allow a roll out the new staff incentives programme a new performance tracking method was required. Anthony put together a set of detailed business requirements and built the solution which entailed compiling multiple data sources, manipulating/comparing data and presenting the results in a set of user-friendly dashboards.

Telecom NZ Ltd
Knowledge Transformation

Anthony was a key member of the team who created a popular customer knowledge base and integrated multiple internal knowledge sources to create one knowledge base with tailored versions for customers, contact centre and retail store staff. Anthony was responsible for continuous improvement, performance reporting, and benefits tracking. More recently, he also had responsibility for the technical roadmap and implementation of new functionality.

Call Volume Reduction

A channel shift to digital does not reduce cost unless the reduction in call demand can be accurately forecasted. Anthony developed a knowledgebase benefits model that was used as part of channel forecasting to maximise the financial benefit, as well as customer benefit, of enhancing self-service.

This modelling extended to forecasting the work time and subsequent call reduction achieved by leveraging the internal knowledge base on calls to improve the customer experience and call handling efficiency.

Training Design

Anthony was responsible for designing a number of training modules such as the Telecom Security Suite, numerous system and process changes as well as designing a new training programme for offshore tier 2 Broadband agents.

Skills & Experience

Business Requirements gathering and documentation
Customer interaction analysis
Benefit modelling and forecasting
Search Engine Optimisation
Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)
Microsoft SharePoint
Salesforce Knowledge (Classic and Lightning)
Learning instructional design and facilitation


Auckland University of Technology – Diploma in IT
KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification