The purpose of this concept paper is to capture a summarised view of your opportunity for engagement with key stakeholders.



Explain the core objective of your concept or proposal: Ideally you should convey how it relates to the goals of your organisation.

The problem or opportunity

Describe the core issue – what is your burning platform? Explain the problem in enough detail to convey your background and expertise with the issue. If necessary, include data to demonstrate the extent of the problem.

Assessment of previous attempts

Assess previous attempts to address this problem. Include lessons learnt from previous attempts to address this problem.

Relevant Experience

Assess relevant experience addressing this problem. Highlight any past successes with a similar project, or refer to other organisations who have experienced successes using a specific solution to the problem or opportunity.


Explain how you will address the problem or opportunity. Describe the product, service or program that is being proposed to address the problem. Be clear and concise. Use language that the reader will easily understand. Avoid using technical language for a non-technical audience.

Expected Outcomes

Outline your intended outcomes. Detail your objectives, be it to increase revenue, improve customer experience, or staff working conditions, advance learning etc. Include quantitative details, such as the number of people who will benefit, how much time will be saved or the amount of profit that will be generated.


Establish a timeline for completing this work. Explain how long you estimate it will take to complete the work. The time line should be both realistic and reasonable.

Clarity of request

Be clear on what you are asking approval for. Specify the amount of funds, and /or resources you are requesting.


Summarize the concept paper. Provide a summary description of the outcome that will be achieved if this concept paper or proposal is approved.