• Knowledgebase Benefit / ROI calculator
    Traditionally, knowledge base and other self service investments are made on the assumption that there will be a significant improvement to customer service and support, and self service reduces the use of more costly channels e.g. voice, chat & email. Given the growth in the preference for self service, and the scale of today’s self service projects, relying solely on those assumptions, rather than hard numbers, will often jeopardise your business case.
  • SLA calculators
    There are many ways to calculate a contact centre time to answer SLA. One of the key differences between common approaches is how we treat abandoned calls. Here we will cover off all common methods and discuss pros and cons.

Templates / Checklists

  • Change Management Template
    We’re happy to share an example of one of our change plan templates. We often begin with a template like this to help our clients plan for the successful delivery of a project or programme of work. We then tailor the template as we learn more about the change project and the environment change is being delivered in.
  • Customer-centric Culture Checklist
    This checklist is designed to help identify areas to work on to embed a customer-centric culture. Each organisation is different so this checklist includes thought-starters to help cover off all the areas that should be considered when developing a culture programme. The areas of focus are divided into three priority areas to help build momentum quickly.