User Experience Design is a critical element of every digital project – whether it’s going to be used by customers or your internal staff.

We know that creating intuitive, easy to use interfaces are not only critical to engage your customers, but also your internal teams.

We can take care of all aspects of the User Experience Design. By completing this work alongside the Information Architecture investigation and development ensures the best outcome where both users and technology are taken into account.


1. Requirements and Wireframes

  • Facilitate user research and workshops to define user interface requirements, ensuring user-centred design
  • Design the user interface to increase the variety of content used and to increase findability
  • Test a variety of potential user interfaces with users to get feedback and ensure the interface will work as intended
  • Iterative design

2. Content Framework

  • Execute a creative approach and create a content framework to transform complex information into elegant and intuitive designs
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and teams to create future-proof team sites, homepages and landing pages, housing a rich variety of information to help users on a daily basis
  • Identify development opportunities to decrease Content Producers workload, increase usability and improve the user experience

3. Visual Design

  • Create the visual design to be consistent with the organisation’s brand guidelines
  • Customised mobile platform design
  • Add icons and visuals to the design to increase appeal and ease of use

4. Design Specifications

  • Document technical specifications with mark-up, CSS and images to ensure correct implementation
Sky Specifications
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