Here’s what one of our clients recently said about us:

“Great consultancy with exceptionally talented people. They hit the ground running on my project from day one and have added so much value. They have shown us a new modern way to do change management and delivered great results for us”. – John M

We are experienced change management practitioners who work alongside project teams to plan, execute and embed change so people are fully on-board and well equipped to adopt new work practices.

We have experience in a range of different types of change management projects:  from launching new customer propositions and digital applications, to migrating to new core IT platforms, to introducing new business methodologies, to  large transformational change projects in complex corporate environments.

We bring a wealth of expertise in successfully embedding change and we know that even with the best planning, things will need to change in-flight so we’re nimble and respond to whatever’s necessary so people to feel well-supported through their change journey.

We also have fun along the way and know fun and positivity are key to help people view change positively.


Our expertise in change management practices includes:
  • Change management and adoption strategy
  • Change management planning
  • Leader support to enable them to successfully lead change, including using HBDI to help leaders know how to best tailor their leadership focus to support their team through the change curve
  • Internal and external communications
  • Launch activities
  • Training needs analysis, training development – self-directed, video, webinar, class-room, drop-in sessions and delivery (we’re trainers too!)
  • On-the job support tools e.g. in-app tutorials, digital content, desk guides
  • Channel readiness
  • Trial management and user acceptance testing
  • Project management, including change management risks
  • Providing project/change management updates and post implementation reporting
  • Performance tracking – track change KPIs and implement remedial actions if targets are not being achieved

Change Certifications

Annette Hamilton and Andrew Burton from our team are both on the APMG international change practitioner register.

HBDI Certificate

Mark MacDonald, Sue Atkins, Sachin Jain and Andrew Burton from our team are all certified HBDI practitioners.


Change Management Template

We’re happy to share an example of one of our change plan templates. We often begin with a change management template like this to help our clients plan for the successful delivery of a project or programme of work. We then tailor the template as we learn more about the change project and the environment change is being delivered in.