A lot of companies and businesses often talk digital first, but is digital the first channel you plan for in your organisation?

Over the past few years, Connections developed and successfully implemented methodology which enables organisations to accurately calculate and define self-service benefits. This work started off as a means to put some real numbers against a knowledge management business case, the challenge was to track knowledge management investments into accurate and traceable financial benefits with minimal assumptions. The benefits model later evolved to incorporate other self-service channels to this effective knowledge base ROI method.

Our methodology enables you to:
  • Accurately quantify the financial benefits of digital service (feel free to check out our knowledge base financial benefits calculator – this version does not include the forecasting module but gives you a one-off set of values for a given period)
    • Knowledge base ROI traces all numbers back to user behaviour
    • Accurate measurement of how knowledge and other self-service usage impact other customer channels
    • Provide clear and traceable numbers with your knowledge management business case
  • Track and forecast digital volumes, business benefits and self-service ROI
    • Based on benefit forecasts prioritise proposed self-service activities
    • Prioritise your improvement activity to maximise customer and business value
    • Adjust contact centre staffing levels to account for expected growth in digital service usage

This methodology is embedded in our Lean and process management approaches, helping you understand the benefits your improvements are delivering.

Download a copy of our Benefits and Forecast White Paper.