Lack of knowledge among staff is the biggest pain point in customer service according to a recent consumer survey (conducted by Forrester Consulting).

Ashu Roy (eGain CEO) states that staff “need to have 30-pound brains to be able to handle the breadth and depth of today′s customer issues…the only viable solution to this challenge is smarter knowledge that can guide them quickly and accurately to answers and through processes.”

Sue from our Connections team explores why Omni-channel development is a key cornerstone of customer experience in her article on Omni-Channel Knowledge Management.

At Connections we have extensive experience in step-changing use of knowledge by both customers and staff with various organisations all over New Zealand so that it can be smart enough to overcome today’s challenges. We’re KCS certified and are experts on working on both customer-facing and internal knowledge management programmes.

We’ve helped our clients achieve a significant step change in their results:

  • 81% quarter on quarter increase in customer usage of FAQs online 
  • 1000%+ increase in usage of internal knowledge base
  • 15% reduction in emails through email deflection
  • 10% reduction in calls, by providing quality answers online avoiding the need for customers to call (and we have a model that can prove this)
  • 80% of internal knowledge base pages rated informing priorities for continuous improvement.
How can we best help you?

We can:

  • complete an entire knowledge transformation
  • help with the business case preparation
  • produce business requirements
  • work with vendors to ensure the knowledge base upgrade or build meets the requirements
  • create knowledge base test scripts
  • complete or assist with knowledge base testing
  • up-skill your team to write engaging content that is highly rated by both customers and staff
  • write new content and rewrite existing content – we have a team of experienced technical writers
  • help guide your project in the right direction
  • implement a knowledge base / self-service ROI model